Set Up & Run Your Short-term Rental Business

Set Up & Run Your Short-term Rental Business


In this five-part course, we will be teaching you how to build a short-term rental business that will create a passive income you can scale effortlessly! Let the Enlightening begin

Learn from our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to set up and run your short-term rental business. Some of the world’s best experts on short term rentals have sat down to give you this unique guide to short term rentals. Our comprehensive guide starts from day 1 in the creative process of name creation, next our educational journey helps you set up the business from ground zero. After your business is set up, we guide you with our proprietary system to help you establish business credit. With our unique proprietary system, we will show you how to properly establish business credit & maintain it. Lastly, we even show you some of the day-to-day operations you might endure in your new business. Are you ready to be ENLIGHTENED?

We will start with the basics and then get you on to expert information and lastly even teach you some key industry secrets. Whether you are a beginner or an expert there's a lot of information that can be learned. We will prepare you for the day-to-day challenges that you will face when operating a short-term rental company. There are tons of tips and pointers from our group of industry experts to ensure your business is profitable from the beginning.

Whether you have a full-time job or an entrepreneur looking to add another source of income. If you're looking to make additional money using resources, you already have or starting from nothing this course is perfect for you!

** This course will be constantly updated in the coming months **

*** We will Enlighten you to the best of our abilities, but results do vary. ***

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